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Leighton Middle School

Special Educational Needs

It is our policy to welcome to the school all children whose parents wish them to attend and we aim to meet the needs of every child.  Our curriculum offers children educational experiences appropriate to their individual abilities, interests and learning styles.  The term 'special educational needs' refers equally to children with additional learning needs.  We have a 'whole school' policy to support children with special educational needs, both with and without Education, Health and Care plans.  A Special Educational Needs Department, led by the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and Administrator, assists staff in this policy.  We organise staffing to provide as many opportunities as possible to allow pupils to regroup or withdraw according to individual or curriculum needs, so that we can meet the needs of all our pupils.  On some occasions funding is provided to make an extra teacher or non-teaching assistant available to give in-class support to pupils with particular difficulties.  The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator also offers advice to staff on resources, materials and teaching strategies.

It is the responsibility of the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator to assess, identify and diagnose individual needs.   To do this, the Co-ordinator uses standardised testing, consultation with Form Tutors and subject teachers, and information received from Lower and other schools.

Children at all stages of the SEN register have Individual Plans.  We discuss and review these with children and parents as the year progresses.  Where necessary the school works with outside agencies to meet the needs of children, for example with Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language therapists and Medical Services.

The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is happy to meet parents by appointment to discuss the individual needs of their children.  The school's policy on Special Educational Needs meets the requirements of legislation and the Code of Practice.  


Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator - Mrs K Waite

Special Educational Needs Governor - Mrs S Bernarde 

You may contact Mrs Waite through the School Office, 01525 374907 or by email office@leighton.cbeds.co.uk


Please find a link to Central Bedfordshire SEND local offer.

Please go to our Policies page to find our school policies relating to Inclusion - SEN. If you would like a hard copy of any of our policies please contact the School Office.