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Leighton Middle School

Clubs and Enrichment

At Leighton Middle School, we offer a range of clubs and enrichment activities for all year groups.

LMS Clubs and Activities

Timetable June /July 2024

Please note that all Clubs and Activities are subject to change.


There are many enrichment opportunities available at various points throughout the school year. Examples of clubs and activities include:

Music Clubs

Reward Afternoons

PE Clubs

Raising Money for Charity


Numbers Day

Careers Assemblies


British Sign Language

Outdoor Cinema

School Productions

Church Service (Christmas & Easter)

First Aid (Spring Term)

Sporting Fixtures

Computing Clubs

Afternoon Tea with the Head Teacher

In addition to these activities, we run an Enrichment Programme which is open to all pupils. This academic year, the activities consist of:

  • Young Writer of the Year (Autumn /Spring Term)
  • Young Scientist of the Year (Summer Term)
  • Teach Yourself Latin (throughout the year)
  • View from our Window Reimagined (throughout the year)

Taster sessions in product marketing Spring Term.

Some pupils will be identified as high attaining within particular subject areas. In addition to high quality teaching in the classroom, including the opportunity to complete extension tasks and star challenges, these pupils will have the chance to participate in subject specific enrichment activities. In cases where pupils show a particular flair or interest in a subject but are not high attaining, they will also be invited to participate.

Personal Learning Days

There are two days each year in which all pupils come off of their usual timetable to participate in Personal Learning Days. The purpose is to provide pupils with memorable experiences which allow them to develop their personal skills. Last year, the pupils participated in the following activities: 

Year 5


A range of lessons outside the normal curriculum

Year 6


Theatre Activities

Year 7


Trash Ball 

Year 8

Enterprise: Creation of Year Book

Enterprise: Creation of Year Book

Leadership Opportunities/Personal Development

Throughout their time at Leighton Middle, pupils are encouraged to be leaders of learning. Examples of leadership opportunities:

Student Council

Play Buddy

Sports Leader

Digital Leader

Year 8 Reader

Peer Supporter

Learning Partner

Year 8 Receptionist