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Leighton Middle School

School Closure

In the event of severe weather please note that parents will receive an email message from us advising them of important information such as school closures. This website will also provide information and updates for parents.

Central Bedfordshire Council also has an information service known as SOS. Any parent who registers with this service will receive an immediate email alert to let them know important information about this school, such as if it is closed due to bad weather. To do this:

1. Click on the following link

 Central Bedfordshire- School Closures

2. Click on 'register for updates' and fill in the text boxes
3. Click on 'submit'
4. You will then receive an email which contains instructions on how to 'activate' your account which will include a 'one off' activation code:
5. Go to 'Log in to edit your details' and type in your email address and the activation code.

The next time you want to edit your details, type in your email address and password.


You can also get information as to whether the school is closed by listening to your local radio station. Please DO NOT try to ring the radio station to find out if the school is closed. Telephone lines will be busy and you may prevent a vital call reaching the News Centre. You need to listen to the radio or access the radio station's website.