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Leighton Middle School

School Council

School Council initiatives 2023 - 2024

  • Starting a school newspaper run by the children on school council and hopefully publishing once a half term or even monthly.
  • Within the school council we have also started an Eco Council to look at ways we can improve to school's carbon footprint.
  • Upgrading our current PX reward system to add "value" to the PX's to buy experiences within school.
  • And then of course our current and ongoing Gardening project.  We have received our Level 3 School Gardening Award from RHS and are aiming to achieve Level 4.


School Council 2023 - 2024

Chair:  M Robinson

Vice Chair:  Z Brown

Secretary:  A Peacock

Treasurer:  F Potter

Publicity:  I Harding

  Beech Cedar Linden Maple


Year 5        J Jeeves I Rawdon L Newman L Smuts O Creed
R Hawes D Potter S Milton P Catlin M Machin
Year 6 P Falconi D Bunting O  Sanderson J Ball A Hadden
A Major M Leaman E Kenny Z Blount J Field
Year 7 J Ryan N Blye A Kerrin G Tristram I Wainer
A Finlayson T McGilloway H Purton J Turner H Griggs
Year 8 Z Brown A Peacock J Burns N Costello M Mware
M Robinson J Ball S Lange I Harding F Potter