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Leighton Middle School

Our Staff

Head Teacher
Mrs C Vallance

School Business Manager
Mrs M Hazelden

Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs G Fitton

Deputy Head Teacher
Miss N Black - Pastoral Care

Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs H Wimshurst (Head of Maths)

Year 5
Miss M Regan (Head of Year 5)
Miss L Fountain
Mr D Love
Mrs C Griggs
Mr A Smuts
Mrs E Levens
Ms L Jones

Year 6
Miss P Guy/Mr D Hatfield-Shaw (Head of Year 6)
Miss B Holmes (Head of English)
Ms S Coombes (Second in English)
Miss E Cooke
Mrs H Walkling
Miss C Earnshaw (Head of History)
Mrs M Schofield
Mrs T O'Brien

Year 7
Mr R Pinch (Head of Year 7)
Miss N Noikovitch (Head of Computer Studies)
Mrs T Maidment (Head of Technology and Art)
Miss E Benning (Head of Religion and Worldviews and Head of PHSCE)
Mrs R Stephenson (Head of Science)
Mrs N Costin (Head of Geography)
Miss C Devenney

Year 8
Mr R Herbert (Head of Year 8)
Mme V Perez-Rae 
Miss A Ingold (Head of Music)
Mr Bunting (Head of PE)
Mrs R Hyland
Mrs C Jeeves (Head of French)
Mr G Farr
Ms H Jauregui

Mrs K Waite (SENCo)

Support Staff
Ms A Jones - School Secretary
Mr J Halsey - Network Manager
Mrs E Baron - Finance Assistant
Mrs S Reynolds - SEN Administrator and Library and Reading co-ordinator
Mrs S Hale - Clerical Assistant
Miss K Nowotynski - Clerical Assistant
Mrs M Turner - Clerical Assistant
Miss Sarah Langford - Assessment and Data Coordinator
Mrs K Deane - Pastoral Support Lead
Miss C Fitton - Pastoral Assistant
Mrs S Rickard - Clerical Assistant
Miss S Whitehouse - Cover Supervisor
Mrs G Green - Cover Supervisor
Mr P Gladwin - Cover Supervisor
Mrs R Minton - Laboratory Technician
Mrs A Holden - Art/DT Technician
Mr P Charman - Site Agent
Mr N McConnell - Assistant Site Agent

Learning Support Staff
Mrs J Boniface, Mrs A Casey, Mrs L Hassell, Mrs C Pierce, Miss L O'Dowd, Mrs G Witham, Mrs T Payne, 
Mrs C Edmonds, Miss C Casey, Mrs M Loveday, Miss K Woolger, Miss M De Colellis, Miss S Pierce,
Miss M Divaira

Site Staff
Mr P Charman, Mr N McConnell, Mrs T Aviet, Ms S Dell, Mrs G Perchinelli, Mrs E Wilson-Evans,
Mrs M Nowicka, Mrs M Boguszewicz

Midday Supervisors
Mr N McConnell, Mrs R Minton, Mrs T Payne, Miss P Sellars, Miss C Fitton, Mrs F Wilcock, Mrs M Loveday, Mrs A Casey, Mrs C Edmonds, Miss C Casey, Mrs G Witham, Miss K Woolger, Miss L O'Dowd, Miss S Pierce, Mrs G Green, Miss M Divaira

Designated Safeguarding Staff
Mrs C Vallance - Teaching
Miss N Black DSL - Teaching
Mrs K Waite - Teaching
Miss C Fitton - Support Staff
Mrs S Reynolds - Support Staff
Mrs K Deane - Support Staff

Designated Safeguarding & Prevent Link Governor
Mrs S Bernarde